Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Writing Residencies

Learned about this from Tayari Jones site.

The Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency Program. Picture it: a month in Toronto, with accommodations, studio space and meals, at no cost, where you can work on your project.

If you want to stay state side, and go West Coast, try the VONA Voices Summer Writing Workshops. This program, at University of San Francisco, is aimed at cultivating the artistic voices of people of color. I did this a few summers ago and LOVED it.

There's also Squaw Valley Community of Writers in the summer, near Lake Tahoe. I've heard great things from Ibarionex and Reyna.

OK. Kinda early to be thinking about summer residencies. But I know a lot of folks set their resolutions to write about this time... and committing to apply for a residency is one step to making that resolution a reality.


writerwritz said...

Thanks for the info. I would love to participate in a writers program.

LadyLee said...

Man, i don't even think I could qualify for one of those workshops... I would love it though... I am looking for a one week thing down at a community center or something... Something just to get my feet wet. But I am having difficulty finding that.

I hope you get into the ones you are applying for, Fred!

alana said...

Hi Fred, How are you? I would kill to take a writing vacation. I am still trying to get my book published. Not fun. I finally started a new blog. Check it out. Oh - and sad to see you go down the myspace route. It is tempting. I will probably end up doing that to. Take care,