Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Guess Who I Saw Today? Well, um, Last Night...

Mood Tune: Guess Who I Saw Today? by Nancy Wilson (YouTube)

I always liked that song by Nancy Wilson... it's a nice, classy, and clever way of letting him... or her... know that you know what they're doing behind your back.

But anyways, I skipped watching election coverage to go see author Clarence Nero (Three Sides to Every Story) speak at In the Meantime Mens Group in L.A.

Very good event and worthwhile. And so funny how I ended up there.

During the day, while browsing blogs in between meetings and events, I came across Clarence's name and book at least a half-dozen times. I was impressed with the list of literary endorsements he'd gotten for a debut novel, and I wondered how did he secure such a lineup. I figured I'd have to wait until next summer while doing my own book tour work to meet him and find out.

Well, Trent Jackson called me and asked if I was going to In The Meantime to see this new author. And then my new best friend Eric B. called me to ask the same thing. There was no question. I was going.

You can read all about the book on Clarence's website. It's getting good reviews and seems to be doing well in the market. And the sexy cover and urban marketing angle are enhanced by delving into issues of race, class, and gender. It's a keeper. I bought a copy. And I'll be reading it soon.

Anyway, I'm glad I missed election news (good news for the Dems... yay!) for a chance to see a fellow author and friends.


dancehard said...

Hey Fred! This is Jammie...I met you last night at the meeting. I too thought it was a very good event. Clarence definitely struck me as a very chill and likeable individual. I bought the book too...but I can't read it till my winter break...applying for Ph.D while finishing a master's is a bitch.

Anyways, it was a pleasure meeting you finally, and I'll definitely be running into you again. Take care!

dancehard said...

Me again. I checked your site for your contact info, but was unsuccessful. The website was down for your as well.

When you get a chance, hit me up at so that we may exchange info. Peace to ya!