Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Husband's Girlfriend.

Mood Tune: Blow The Whistle by Too Short (YouTube).

Hmmmmm. Uh, I've met couples who have temporary and permanent "arrangements." Whole 'nother story and blog, huh?

My Husband's Girlfriend is the latest novel by Cydney Rax, former Detroiter (like me) and now Houstonian, who runs a very successful site on the latest and greatest books. Book Remarks.

It just released in November 2006, and is getting mentioned in the December 2006 Essence Magazine, so I imagine a lot of us will be reading this over the holidays.

The gist of My Husband's Girlfriend: a temporarily sexually mismatched couple -- he needs it, she's not feeling it at the moment. They make an arrangement. He can get it twice a month, blow the whistle style only, but he can't get emotionally attached or fall in like/love. From the book title, you can imagine he does.

I did read Cydney's first novel, My Daughter's Boyfriend, which came out a couple years back. Muy hot. Sometimes you can't help who you fall for... or can you?

Let the drama begin...


~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

long time no read Fred!! I've heard awesome remarks on Cydney Rax before. Wow - she's doing awesome for herself and glad she's in Houston - way to go!

CydneyR said...

Hey Fred,
Thanks so much for mentioning my book. I can't wait for it to hit the streets. :)

How ya been doing? How's LA?