Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh Well. Clik. The Core.

Mood Tube: The Winner Takes It All by ABBA (YouTube link)

Oh well. Tigers lost. I was kinda looking forward to a Detroit comeback... seems like that's the eternal theme of Detroiters.


Went to two great parties yesterday. I thought I'd only make one because both were on opposite sides of Los Angeles -- one in Pasadena, one in Long Beach. Made both and both were fun. Happy Birthday Joe (Pasadena) and Sabrina (Long Beach).

OK. Something else. I got an email that I made the short-list for Clik Magazine's Elite 25 (who have contributed to black LGBT life in the U.S.) Talk about a nice surprise! Now, that short-list of 75+ nominees will soon be narrowed to 25. It's an honor to make the short-list... and it's nice to see the other men and women on the list-- congrats! Many are friends of mine. Makes you realize that a lot of people are making a difference... and that's always a good thing.

I've been a little skimpy on the workouts lately. Maybe averaging 3 sessions a week. Maybe if I had a core trainer like Oprah's Core Coach, I'd force myself to work out a little bit more. What an incentive!

Oh well. Off to the office. A baby shower. And whatever the weekend brings.

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