Monday, October 23, 2006

If Beale Street Could Talk

A literary classic that I'll be picking up very soon.

If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin.

A few millions more might be picking it up too, as Essence Magazine has selected the book as its latest Book Club pick.

At the heart is a love story between Tish and Fonny, a young couple in NYC -- Harlem to be exact. But issues of police intimidation, pregnancy, separation, racism, and many other social issues come between their love and relationship.

More review on ChickenBones Journal by Robert Detweiler or 1974 New York Times Review by Joyce Carol Oates. (Reader discretion of reviews always advised, as there may be some details revealed you may not want to know right away.)

I've read a few novels by James Baldwin, but not Beale Street. Totally looking forward to it.


Joseph said...

'Go Tell it on the Mountain' is my all time favorite. Baldwin at his best. 'Giovanni's Room' was ok. It was actually the first Baldwin book I read, when I was fourteen I think.

BuddahDesmond said...

Oooh! If Beale Street Could Talk was the very first James Baldwin book that I read. I loved it. He covered a lot of ground in that novel. I think it's one of his best works. If Essence has selected it as its latest Book Club pick that gives me an excuse to read it again. LOL!