Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sins of the Mother

If you're a fan of Jill Scott and her acting, then you will be a fan of a new made-for-tv movie she stars in, Sins of the Mother. It airs on Lifetime Movie Network on Sunday, February 21. Movie trailer here.

If you're a fan of the movie, Sins of the Mother, then you will be a fan of the novel upon which it is based, Orange Mint and Honey, by Carleen Brice.

The gist of the stories... a grad-school age woman, Shay (played by Nicole Beharie), returns home to the mother, Nona (played by Jill Scott), who she remembers as always drunk, hungover, or with a new low-life guy. With time and age, both women have transformed and are coming to terms with who they are today.

It's always exciting to hear of writers getting their projects optioned by production companies. It's extra exciting to see those options turning into a real film project. And even more nice to see someone who is so supportive of other authors and who raises awareness of the issues of black authors on sites: PJ Gardner and White Readers/Black Authors.

So I hope you'll find time to support the film and the book.

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Atiyah said...

I read this book and I am excitingly waiting for the movie on Lifetime.