Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don't Be Late

Don't be late to a one-woman show by Jenifer Lewis. You'll get yourself embarassed and clowned. And don't open candy, or shuffle with your grocery store plastic bag of Jenifer Lewis paraphernalia either during the show. Just. Don't.

So in the midst of all my computer crash drama over the weekend, I went to see the one-woman show by Jenifer Lewis, Bipolar, Bath, and Beyond, which is currently playing in Los Angeles. Phenomenal show. If in L.A., go see it. It's been extended for a few more weeks.

But if you go see it, don't be late. Get there on time. Or else. Let's just leave it at... or else. Don't. Go. There. It's funny, but not funny if you're late.

Hey, I'd feel the same way too, if I prepared a show/performance, and someone tried sneaking into the theatre 40 minutes into the show. And she called them out, too, especially on the "CP" time excuse many of us use.

Like my dad used to say, early is on time. Anything after that is late.

So a couple things that I've been late on. One, I finally finished reading Eric Jerome Dickey's Chasing Destiny. Loved it. And admire EJD's career as a writer. He doesn't know it (or me... well we met in passing at a book fair in L.A., but that's far from knowing someone...) but I look up to the way he has managed and maintained his publishing career. If I could manage a book or two a year, and books that are contemporary and riveting... well. I just look up to EJD's career.

But what I'm really late on is beginning the Lambda Award nominated Three Sides to Every Story by Clarence Nero. I've had the book since November, when I attended his book reading/signing at In The Meantime in L.A. Put it in my "to be read" pile with the 12,000 other books there. Finally picked it up last night after finishing Chasing Destiny... and am finding myself hooked already. Good work Clarence! Friends had been telling me it's one of their favorites of 2006, and now, late as I am... I'm finally getting to it.

In the next few weeks, I'll be posting a sneak preview of my next novel, Right Side of the Wrong Bed, here and on my website and my MySpace page. Additionally, I'll be posting the new cover... should be getting it any day now. And I'll be seeking your support as we roll out the new novel later this year, and want to get to your book clubs, summer and fall events, and hear from you how you've found yourself on the Right Side of the Wrong Bed.

Anyway, know you have a bunch of things to get to. So don't be late trying to read this. Later.

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