Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ghettonation: A Journey Into The Land of the Bling

OK. First, disclosure. Cora Daniels and I are represented by the same literary agent. But, I don't benefit financially for sharing info about her book.

Now, back to blogging. This sounds like an interesting conversation starter. The topic of "Ghetto."

Originally used to describe a physical place where the Jewish community was required to lived, the term "ghetto" has been transformed by powers-that-be for pop culture use, and seems to refer no longer to where people live... but how they live. I'm sure you've uttered, or heard others say things, consciously or not, like, "That's SO ghetto."

In her book Ghettonation: A Journey Into The Land of the Bling and Home of the Shameless, Cora Daniels takes on one of the most explosive issues in our country in this thoughtful critique of America's embrace and fascination with the "ghetto" persona that demeans women, devalues education, and celebrates the worst African American stereotypes.

She also offers critical analysis into pop culture icons of ALL ethnicities and life experiences -- in music, TV, films, and books -- who embrace/perform "ghetto" to make money and raise their street-credibility points with fans.

The book just came out this week, and Cora Daniels will be making some appearances in Los Angeles in early April, where we can hear her talk more about her book and related topics. I'm sure she'll be in your city too.

You also may be interested in her previous book, Black Power Inc., a look at black professionals born at the end of, and after, the Civil Rights movement in the U.S., and how their perspectives on ethnicity, power, and class are influenced by what their parents taught them about the movement, who they are, and their histories.

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