Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time Management. Blurbs. And More.

First the good news.

My editor at Kensington presented me with the first wave of blurbs/quotes turned in for my next novel, Right Side of the Wrong Bed, coming in Fall 2007. I got some good ones so far, and expecting a few more. But here's the first one on the list, from Fiona Zedde, that I'll share with you.

“Open Right Side of the Wrong Bed to join Fred Smith on a fun, rollicking ride through L.A., where the men are fabulous and the wit is as sharp as the latest pair of trendy jeans. By turns sexy, funny, and heartbreaking, this book is sure to please.” – Fiona Zedde, author, Bliss and A Taste of Sin

So yeah, the book is actually on it's way through the production process. And Fiona's on the Kensington label, too. I guess I should disclose that... new FCC/blog rules and all.

The other good news... is I hope one of our favorite writers and bloggers has some good news on his novel his agent submitted. I'm sure we'll read about it on his blog if the news is good... and I suspect it will be good. That's all I can say.

OK. Now for the news that's not good, but not bad either. It is what it is.

I am having the toughest time getting up and doing my 5 am morning writing. You might recall from reading about my writing journey, that I am a morning person, and that I have produced both my novels using the hours before I leave for my day job... 5 - 7 am, and also on weekends. It's worked wonderfully. I write in morning. I think about and jot down ideas during the day. And I get up the next morning and write.

Something about 2007, and getting started again with mornings has been challenging. My clock goes off at 4:45. I don't go anywhere but to the other side of the bed.

One book, or even two, does not make an author career... as written about in one of my favorite blogs, Tess Gerritsen (One Book Is Not A Career)... And even with the knowledge and reality that authors need to PRODUCE products on a regular basis -- to make a living, AND to keep your name relevant -- I have been slow to get back into the groove.

For you who write, how do you keep going? How do you manage your time?

In the meantime, I did make significant progress on Novel #3 during holiday break. And this evening at the gym, while on the stair climber, I got an idea for where I want Novel #3 to go... and this may motivate me to get up and actually write at 5 am...

Or even stay up late tonight. Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Fred!!

Glad to see you're already getting great vibes about your upcoming new release. Keep the updates coming!!

Kevin C