Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Pearl Cleage. Potential Lovers. Future Friends. Re-Setting The Bar.

Pearl Cleage, one of my favorite authors, spoke at Cal State LA in May 2014. In one speech, she advised all of us that we need to set the bar high for potential lovers & partners, by making any potential read & discuss with you 5 books that speak to your life/identity. Brilliant.

With that in mind, many of my Social Justice friends have been surprised by some of our "friends" and their opinions on Ferguson, Black people, police brutality, etc... Perhaps we've set the bar low for potential friends. Perhaps "being fun/ny" isn't enough of a bar for friendship.

In the brilliance & wisdom of Pearl Cleage... If we're going to re-set the bar with potential future friends, what 5 questions do we need to ask (before the friendship develops or goes further) that will give us the information we need about where they stand on Justice, Social Justice, Being Socially-Conscious, etc... All suggestions and potential questions taken below. 

Have at it... for the Social Justice & Friendship Litmus Test. And while at it, check out all the brilliant books and plays by Pearl Cleage.

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