Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Need To Talk About The Pumpkin-Related Violence In This Country.

We need to talk about this pumpkin-related violence in this country.

I guess some of my happy hour friends & acquaintances forgot to share their deep outrage and anger when the Great Pumpkin Spice Riot broke out in New Hampshire last month. Or maybe they didn't know. The story is linked above.

But when Black and Brown Millennials stage civil disobedience (and yeah, maybe close a freeway or two for a few minutes) over something more urgent than pumpkins -- like police brutality on our communities, like systems and histories of long-term oppression on our communities -- we begin to see what lurks behind the "smiles and what's ups" of our happy hour friends and acquaintances, with ill-informed, non-academic, opinions and sarcasm about groups/causes we should be allied with.

But enjoy that pumpkin pie this weekend, and think about the Great Pumpkin Spice Riot of 2014. I'll be eating sweet potato pie, by the way.

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