Tuesday, June 22, 2010

32 Candles

I've been hearing so much about this novel, that I just had to tell you. But I'm sure you know about it already...

32 Candles is the debut novel by author Ernessa T. Carter. How can I best summarize the novel??? Besides imaginative and fun and full of what if's... And maybe I'm excited because I was (and still can be) a Nerd of Color in high school and life, lol...

Imagine you were all the awkward things that the most awkward high schooler could be, but you had a crush on the most un-awkward and popular athlete boy in high school.

Then imagine going away, re-inventing yourself and your look, and your whole way of being, and at age 32, that popular boy, now a 32-year-old man, falls for you... but he hasn't a clue who you are/were in his high school life. No. Clue.

Anyway, 32 Candles is in bookstores now. It's an Essence Magazine book pick. And check out this fascinating interview with Ernessa T. Carter on The Nervous Breakdown blog.

Happy reading. Nerds of color... unite!

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