Sunday, April 25, 2010

Culture Clash: Drama High

Culture Clash, by L Divine, is the latest installment in the Drama High series, featuring main character Jayd, a strong young African American woman living her life in South L.A./Compton.

This novel focuses on Jayd's frustration with the way her school is handling Cultural Awareness Day. So, in response, she helps form the first African Student Union organization, much to the dismay of school administrators. Add to the mix Jayd's new favorite hobby -- drag racing -- and a crush on Emilio, a new Latino student at her school, and you've got some big time drama at Drama High.

Faithful readers of the Drama High series recommend starting with the first of the series, The Fight.

More on the author, L Divine, and the entire Drama High Series.

No matter where you start, however, you or a young person in your life will definitely enjoy the Drama High series of books.

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Anonymous said...

The drama high series is soo amazing im only on "Holidaze" and cant wait to get "Culture Clash", i just wish my friends would read this book so i could talk to someone about it.