Thursday, October 08, 2009

Books, Videos, Concerts... Hmmm, Anita or EnVogue?

Hey y'all.

We're using the novel, Push by Sapphire, as the focal point for a women's discussion group at my campus. Very successful, most diverse crowd ever for this program. We wanna do the same (novel as focal point) for a men's discussion group, and I need book recommendations... got any? Kindly let me know.

Gotta give it up to Harry Connick Jr. who recently put an Australian talent show on blast for featuring blackface artists on the show. On this link, feel free to skip past the "talent" portion to about 4:40 when Harry explains why blackface is not acceptable to the host and audience. Thanks QTC blog!

Whitney Houston's in Europe promoting her new CD, and gave a fabulous live performance of Million Dollar Bill... and interview in France. Thanks Rod!

Love this creative 1-shot version of I Gotta Feeling by University of Montreal students. Students have soooo much creativity... and time... on their hands. :-)

OK. The real deal... I gotta make a choice. Dinero, you know? First weekend of November in L.A... Anita Baker on Saturday, November 7 or EnVogue on Sunday, November 8? Will decide on Friday... payday Friday at that... how stereotypical? lol. Anyway, who would you go see live in concert?

That's all. I hope today (and tonight's) gonna be a good good day for you!


QTC said...

Hi, Fred!

Thank-you for linking to the Harry Connick Jr. blackface controversy post.

You have a very good site!

I have added you to my news and politics column so that my readers can easily find you.


Shane, aka QTC


Chief said...

Miss Baker

Chris Brown said...

Hey i think they should be fired because they are stupid for doing that skit than they should be sued...

Jerel said...

I think a good book that should be read in contemporary times is Finding Fish by Antwone Fisher because it shows how a male deals with coming into himself and dealing with all of his issues. I believe the term used his conscientization coming into ones self. Just a suggestion!!!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

just picked up Push this morning... had to read the novel before seeing the movie in a few weeks