Monday, September 28, 2009

Dance With Butterflies... and Links

The weekend flew by so fast. Geez. Good times though. Many more to be had, especially if I take something from the links I'm sharing with you today :-)

Looking forward to Reyna Grande's new novel, Dancing With Butterflies, which comes out in a few days. L.A., folklorico dance, friendship. Already getting good reviews. Publication party next Saturday, October 3 in L.A.

The food-lover in me is looking forward to trying these: 25 delectable dining deals in L.A. Show me a food bargain, and good flavor, and I'm there!

Hot. Handsome. Cute. We all make those snap judgments about people we meet, and I just love the way Call Me Chief put it in his blog entry last week: 2 Tenths of a Second.

Don't forget, West Hollywood Book Fair is coming next Sunday, October 4. My goodness, next weekend is October????

Finally, congrats to fellow author Carleen Brice. Her novel, Orange Mint and Honey, is not only being made into a movie to Lifetime, but Jill Scott has been cast as lead in the production!

And on that positive note, have a great day!

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