Friday, May 01, 2009

The Good News Garage

May 1 is a day for recognizing workers, workers' rights, etc... And seeing that there are fewer workers today than this time last year, I figure we could use a little something good to hear.

The Good News Garage is a non-profit organization that accepts donations of old, tired, beat up cars that people don't want anymore. They refurbish the cars and get them to working transportation status. And then they give them to low-to-working-class income families who need a car in order to get to work.

I know this type of organization is needed and appreciated all over the country. Especially when I think of life in big cities like L.A., where public transportation can take forever or isn't the safest. Currently, Good News Garage has branches in many East Coast cities. I'm sure there are similar organizations in other parts of the U.S.

While I am privileged to have a car, and have had one most of my life, there was a time while growing up when we had only one car. My parents would alternate who got the car for work (and/or school -- my mom was a working parent college student at the time) and I can imagine the conversations that go into such a decision -- what if kids get sick? hours needed for school/work? what's the weather going to be? etc...

I cringe when I see women at a bus stop alone at early morning or really late hours, because I can imagine the personal and safety sacrifices they're making to use public transportation to get to work.

Anyway, we all have that relative who has one too many junk cars in their own yard or garage. If there's an organization like a Good News Garage in their area, that junk car could be a gem for someone who needs it to get to work.

Happy May Day and weekend!

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