Friday, January 28, 2005

Keith Boykin

So for those of you who don't know Keith Boykin -- and I'm talking like I know him personally, which I don't -- you should.

He's smart. Politically aware and active. Great writer. Model looks. Used to work for Bill Clinton's administration. And he's doing more to raise awareness about black gay and lesbians than anyone I know. His new book is called BEYOND THE DOWN LOW. Well researched and a great read. Especially for those of you who appreciate information that doesn't follow media hype simplicity.

Anyway, you gotta check out his site, but I want to link you specifically to his entry today on George and Condi... Bush and Rice. It's so hilarious and had me rolling on the floor laughing at my office. What are we in for these next four years?????

By the way, I did meet Keith once. We brought him here -- Cal State L.A. -- to give a speech about five years ago. I picked him up and dropped him off at LAX. Very nice guy. Good conversationalist. I was nervous. Butterflies. What to say? What to wear? Anyway, let me stop...

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